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Bibliografía - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute In order to address issues of broader relevance to social and economic processes, lithicists working in the Maya region need to develop analytical approaches suited to the study of complex economies. Andrefsky, 1998 Lithics. Macroscopic Approaches to Analysis. Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology. Cambridge Cambridge University Press. Arnold J. E.

Images about Archaeology Artifact Analysis Books on Pinterest The extent, intensity, organization, and net social effects of centralized lithic production in the Maya area as a whole, however, are not well understood. Explore SCAPOD's board "Archaeology Artifact Analysis Books" on Pinterest. Lithic Analysis Manuals in Archaeological Method, Theory and que by George H. Lithics Macroscopic Approaches to Analysis Cambridge Manuals in.

Archaeological Information System Standard Desn Concepts. The present study therefore proposes a new direction in Maya lithic studies with the goal of enhancing comparability of data on ancient economic structure through the use of standardized statistics that facilitate spatial analysis. Mar 24, 2011. At present archaeological information systems AIS are greatly varied in form and function. Clovis point incidence on four major lithic raw material categories in the lower Southeast. Cambridge manuals in archaeology.

Bibliografía - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Images about <em>Archaeology</em> Artifact Analysis Books on Pinterest
Archaeological Information System Standard Desn Concepts.
Anthropology 4115/5115 lithic analysis i - University of Wyoming
Understanding Stone Tools and Archaeological Sites.
The Economic Geography of Chert Lithic Production in the Southern.
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Contemporary Lithic Analysis in the Southeast Problems, Solutions.
Demography in <em>archaeology</em> -
Lithic Technological Systems and Evolutionary Theory - <em>Cambridge</em>.

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