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Instruction Manual for Sony PlayStation, Free In my case, it's North America, so the last dit is 1, making the full number " PSP-2001" as opposed to " PSP-2000" ("0" means that the PSP is meant for Japan)PSP-2000 series is the 'slim & lite'the PSP3000 series was named as the ' Brite' (brht) due to its supposed fourfold improved graphicsthe orinal 1000 series has since been nicknamed the 'phat' by the onlie community, mainly people who brought the first model and could not be botherd to upgrade Looked it up on pedia, and apparently there isn't an official nickname for the 3000 (but on the other hand, it has no internal metal frame, so I guess I could the 3000 the " Glass"). We provide free online pdf manuals and instructions guides for video games consoles Sony PS4, PSP, PS TV, PS Vita, PS VR.

Instruction Manual PSP-1001 - PlayStation For example, I have a PSP Slim, that means that the number is " PSP-200X", with the X being the region. SONY. PSP-1001. Sony Electronics Inc. 16450 W. Bernardo Dr. San Diego. This manual includes instructions for the basic features of the PSP system. For.

SONY PSP-1001 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Untill now there are 4 types of PSPs; PSP 10 ; also known as psp slim & lite because its thinner than the other PSPs PSP 3000 PSP GO [psp 1000,20 kinda looks the same so i'll put 1 picture below] You can insert memory sticks in the psp [1GB,2GB,4GB,8GB and 16GB only];in the memory stick you can save games,save game data,save music,save pictures,save videos. View and Download SONY PSP-1001 instruction manual online. PlayStaion Portable. PSP-1001 Game Console pdf manual download.

PSP-2000 TA-085 SM-PSP-3083E-01 BOARD SERVICE The PSP-2000 is the " Slim" and the PSP-3000 is the " Lite". PSP-2000 series TA-085. BOARD SERVICE MANUAL 1st edition Level 3. CS Department. CES COMPOSANTS QUE PAR DES PIÈCES SONY. DONT LES.

PSP Demonstração rápida HD português - YouTube Also, the last dit of each PSP's number is dependent on where it's from. Video feito por Marlon Dias thenewbay para o site gamevicio.

Manual index - now for the people who are new to PSPs i'll write the basics; *a PSP is a handheld console manufactured and marketed by Sony corporation *it was released in 2004 *The PSP is the first handheld video game console to use an optical disc format, Universal Media Disc (UMD). Connecting a PC and a PSP system using a USB cable · Copying image files to Memory Stick media or to the system storage · Files that can be viewed.

PSP system guide - Instructables 4.5inches LCD screen[except psp go 3.8inches] It has built in stereo speakers Rechargeable battery Supports additional video codecs (other than MPEG 4.) USB 2.0 connectivity UMDs You can upgrade its software for more features[just like smartphones] You can also download themes. This instructable will show you everything you need to know about a PSP PLAYSTATION PORTABLE system. now for the people who are new to PSPs i'll write.

PSP PlayStation®Portable User's PSP PlayStation®Portable User's Guide. Settings Extras Photo Music Video Game Network PlayStation®Network. This guide is for use with system software.

How to Use Your Sony PSP 10 Steps with Pictures - Read the manual. The manual may be large and somewhat intimidating, but just skimming through it will give you a good idea of how to use a lot of the features.

Sony psp manual pdf:

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