Inmes im 2 manual underpinner

For Sale Inmes IM-2 Manual Underpinner The machine is suitable for the advanced amateur framer or as back-up (non-electrical) equipment in a professional framing shop. This is a very lhtly used Inmes IM-2 Manual Underpinner. I purchased it new in 2012. It really does a marvelous job of joining frames and is in excellent condition.

Inmes IM-2 Underpinner Foot Operated - This is a precision-made, foot-operated underpinner utilized for joining chopped rails and creating picture frames. Inmes IM-2 Underpinner Foot Operated. Inmes IM-3 Underpinner Foot Operated £690.00. Inmes IM-2 Steel Support Wings £29.50.

Inmes IM2 Underpinner Inmes IM-2 They have been registered under the book number : 10 3 788 456, dated December, 7th 2010. Inmes Im-2 Manual Underpinner. When this machine was first introduced in Brazil it sold more than 100 machines per month for 3 months straht.

Inmes im 2 manual underpinner:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 94 Rates

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