How to use edlund manual can opener

Edlund Can Openers & Parts - O-Reps For over 90 years, Edlund has specialized in industrial food slicers, scales, can openers and other kitchen supplies. Edlund commercial can openers electric & manual models in-stock! On-line ordering. depending on usage type of cans being opened * Manual opener.

Replacement Parts Kit for #2 Old Reliable Manual Can Edlund has several lines of manual can openers – the #1, #2, SG-2, G, S-11, and now the U Series. A major difference between the U Series and the #1 and #2 is in sanitation. Benefits. Repairs knife and gear so you can continue using your Edlund #2 Old Reliable Manual Can Opener. Features. G004 GEAR, #2 HT; K005 KNIFE.

Edlund offers a Can Opener With everything going on in your busy kitchen, the can opener may seem insnificant—that is, until you think of how many vital ingredients you store in cans. Exceeding recommended daily use limits can cause premature wear and may void. Important Edlund manual can openers have Nickel plated cast iron parts.

Edlund 11100 #1 Can Opener - "Old Whether you need coconut milk for curry, tomatoes for pizza sauce, or pumpkin for pie – your menu relies heavily on the humble can opener. For medium volume, daily usage the Edlund Can Opener accomodates cans. Can Opener, manual, #1 with plated base for cans up to 11" tall, "Old Reliable".

And #2 Manual Can Openers - Restaurant Supply For many in the food industry, “Edlund” is like the “Kleenex” of manual can openers – it may as well be the only brand out there. Edlund invented these orinal can openers 75 years ago, and they have set the. USE, INCLUDING KNIVES AND DRIVE GEARS ON CAN OPENERS.

Edlund 1S - Manual Can Opener, Old Edlund manual can openers are heavy duty, won’t leave shreds of metal in your food, and are perfect for the commercial kitchen opening up to 50 10-pound sized cans of food per day. This manual "Old Reliable" can opener comes with a #1 style, stainless steel base, which allows you to open cans that are up to 11 in. tall.

Can Opener Manual, # 1, Edlund 11100 - Jean's Edlund also offers electric can openers for schools and hospitals who rely heavily on canned ingredients and use more than 50 cans of food per day. A., the U (Universal) Series takes after its b bro, the S-11 and was desned as an improvement to the ever popular #1 and #2 Edlund can openers. Edlund 11100 - Old Reliable #1 Manual Can Opener. Table mounted; #1 opens up to 50 cans per day recommended daily use; #2 opens.

MANUAL CAN OPENER- MODEL # 2 - The Model #2 manual can opener, manufactured by the Edlund Company. B. Wash the knife, gear and any splash area on the opener using soap and water.

How to use edlund manual can opener:

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